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Xinú documents and pays homage to the visual and olfactory vastness of the America's botany.

Aguamadera (no. 1)

Agave | Green Lime | Guaiac wood | Cedarwood

Translucent | Fresh | Refined | Chiaroscuro


Aguamadera is a fragrance based on the scent of agave.

The mezcal theme is explored with a lime note up top, a hit of salt with an outdoorsy freshness that recalls of sea air merging with incredible woody notes that provide the counterbalance of the scent.

Guaiac wood gives the scent the smokey agave spirit of mezcal, and cedarwood a cozy warmth. The woods are creamy, which works remarkably well against the sharp salt and citrus notes.

Copāla (no. 2)


Pink pepper | Copal resin | Mesquite wood | Mexican vanilla beans

Mystic | Intriguing | Woody | Endless


Copála is an immersion to the mystic approach around the copal resin.

The smoky mesquite woods contrasting the subtle powdery vanilla, underlined by a sharp pink pepper note to endure the smooth sweetness of golden copal. And endless rendition, a sensory devotion.

UMMO (no. 3)

Tobacco | Styrax | Tonka bean | Juniper

Smokey | Deep | Warm | Honey


Ummo is a tribute to tobacco, one of the most representative and symbolic plants of the American continent.

The smoke given off by the dried leaves of tobacco is considered sacred and used for spiritual rituals, healing, and purification ceremonies.

This older, purer expression of tobacco is the inspiration.

Ummo is rich and spicy with a gorgeously green floral character, enhanced with fresh jasmine tobacco flowers and the sweet resinousness of styrax. A warm but bright tonka beans and cedarwood base manage to feel both ethereal and comforting. Ummo is a uniquely soulful tobacco scent.

Monstera (no. 4)


Monstera fruit and leaves | Sacred ear flower | White datura | Bull horn orchid

Lush | Crunchy leaf | Jungle | Jade 


Monstera is inspired by the jungle, the green leaves of the monstera deliciosa plant, the narcotic perfume of the datura flower, the subtle and magnetic honey of the torito orchid, and the smell of moss over exotic woods.

Monstera is astonishingly juicy and lush, like a leaf that has been snapped open, allowing droplets of the plant juice to seep out. Supported by a damp earth accord, bitter moss, and the sharpness of a pineapple-like note from the monstera fruit, embraced by a creamy white floral tone, with a hint of bitter cocoa and vanilla. Technically impressive !

Oronardo (no. 5)


Mock orange blossom | Queen of the night flower | Marigold | Mexican tuberose | Yellow Oleander flower

Luminous | Elegant | Opulent | Golden


OroNardo is a tribute to the gorgeous Mexican tuberose.

Tuberose accentuated by mock orange blossom to bring out its naturally fleshy sexiness, using the spiciness of marigold to draw its green freshness.

The result captures the totality of the freshly-plucked flower, tuber, stems, petals, leaves, and all.

A bouquet of white and golden flowers..

Collection Kit (Discovery Set)

Our complete first collection of 5 perfumes for your sensorial delight.

The Collection kit contains:

  • Aguamadera Xinú No.1
  • Copála Xinú No. 2
  • UMMO Xinú No. 3
  • Monstera Xinú No. 4
  • Oronardo Xinú No. 5

5 x 4.5ml Dropper

One 100% natural wool bag

5 paper blotters describing each perfume.


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